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Merah is a Malaysian street-food inspired restaurant located on High Street in Northcote. Run by life partners Aline and Marcel, Merah’s menu features family recipes passed down by four generations.

All dishes are made from scratch every day using locally sourced produce and apply traditional cooking methods such as the charcoal grill. Merah is happy to accommodate dietary requirements and includes a large selection of vegan-friendly dishes. Merah is also fully licenced and serves a selection of local craft beers and organic wines.

Meaning red in Malay, the name Merah plays homage to the colour of chilli sambal, a traditional condiment that accompanies Malaysian street-food. Just as sambal brings together a variety of ingredients to create something memorable, so too does this restaurant. Merah represents a culmination of the ingredients, the cultures, and the people who come together to make this a place to meet, eat, and share new








Developed over the years by chilli connoisseur Aline Viravouth, Merah’s sambal has amassed a cult following. Based on her traditional family recipe passed on by four generations, Aline refined the recipe following her travels across South-East Asia where she was inspired by other cultures’ cooking techniques and ingredients.

Made using the traditional mortar and pestle technique with only best, locally sourced ingredients, Merah Sambal is available for purchase from the restaurant or online and comes in three styles, Traditional, Kelantan and Kerabu.